New Holland Dabung Tractor in Nigeria

New Holland Dabung Tractor for Sale in Nigeria

This New Holland tractor for sale with 85 horsepower and one that is up for sale has a solid rear end. In terms of propulsion, it is equipped with a four-stroke direct injection diesel engine with flywheel injection that produces 85 horsepower. Because of its powerful torque and heavy-duty displacement, this vehicle is able to readily pull a maximum weight of 800 pounds. There is a wide selection of hefty, powerful tractors on the market that may either have the two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive or have an imposing look. This New Holland tractor for sale, i.e. Dabung tractor, has a unique look because of the fact that it has two balance equalizers made of iron positioned on the front of the vehicle. The steering may be changed to accommodate the height of the driver, and the tires are bigger and more durable than those of competing models. Control and regulation are simple tasks that may be performed on any manual gearbox.

You may purchase a brand new NH Dabung 85 HP from Tractors Nigeria at a competitive price from our most recent stock, and you can do so from us. Starting at $7,000, the NH Dabung 85 HP Tractor is available for purchase. The Dabung tractor, which is one of the best tractors of New Holland tractors for sale, is without a doubt the power engine not only for horticulture and agriculture, but it is also appropriate for municipal applications, hobby farmers, homeowners, landscapers, rural lifestyles, and even golf courses. The New Holland Dabung tractor is quick to respond, effective, packed with acceleration, comfortable, and very simple to operate and work with. If your objective is to just mow the lawn, top your paddock, dig any drain, cultivate the farm, clean a stable yard, erect a fence, harvest crops in acres of land, or plough a lot of product, or whether you have any other plan at all, you will need to mow the grass. Because it comes standard with an independent, Category-1 three-point hitch and an electro-hydraulic 540 rpm rear PTO, the New Holland Dabung tractor for sale has been shown to save a significant amount of money while also lowering the amount of labor required to complete a task.

New Holland Tractors in Nigeria

As tractors are the piece of agricultural machinery that is the driving force behind the mechanization strategy that is responsible for the rise in agricultural production, tractors are considered to be the heart and soul of farming and agriculture in Nigeria. Pakistan’s involvement in the production and export of agricultural machinery and farm implements for sale is widely known and recognized, despite the fact that Nigeria is the owner of its agriculture that has flourished thanks to nine seasons of unsurpassed soil. The simplest and most innovative tractors in Nigeria are exported from Pakistan. There is no question that farming can be done in an effective and efficient manner with tractors alone, which is something that we at Tractors Nigeria give in plenty to Nigeria.

New Holland tractors for sale are one of the best options that offer the most value for the money for Nigeria’s agricultural industry. The hydrostatic power that the vehicle has allows for exceptional performance from the steering system. New Holland tractors in Nigeria provide the widest variety of customized financing options, as well as dependable parts and service, making their agricultural machinery collection the most extensive in the nation. Every farmer understands that they can depend on a New Holland tractor in Nigeria to get the job done and get it done well. When compared to tractors of other brands and models, the New Holland tractors for sale that are now available for purchase and can be obtained from Tractors Nigeria are renowned for their versatility. Not only do tractors made by New Holland tractors in Nigeria have a mechanization system that is comprehensive and long-lasting, but they also have low operating costs and are simple to fix.

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