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Nigeria is a global leader in the production of a variety of farming products, including sorghum, cocoa, pineapple, and palm oil. This is why it has to keep pushing boundaries to ensure high output and fine quality. With our farming equipment, local farmers can achieve these goals and more. To achieve optimum performance, you can utilize our tractors, motorbikes, parts and accessories, farm implements, and combine harvesters.

What are farm implements?

Any equipment, tool, or component used in farming is referred to as a farm implement. These items enable farmers to decrease or eliminate manual work, elevate land fertility, and boost total output. Farm implements are mostly used to prepare the land and mounted to machinery or pulled by animals. Every implement has a purpose and using them helps to tackle every farming need.

Farming is made easier and faster with our farm implements.

Agricultural mechanization provides many benefits such as increased output, productivity, and profitability. They do this by ensuring time goals are reached, precision is executed, reducing available input losses, and increasing the utilization efficiency of expensive inputs. Moreover, with the help of farm implements, we can achieve crops to be grown successfully with minimized soil disturbance.

These tools can lead to increased soil health and sustain crop nutrients. We have a broad variety of farm implements available for you with their uses ranging widely from soil management to seeding. Some of the farm implements on our website include an adjustable pintle hook, boom sprayer, water browser, rice thresher, ridger, and rotary slasher.

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