DC-93 Combine Harvester in Nigeria

Kubota Combine Harvester DC-93 in Nigeria

With its robust engine that produces 93 horsepower and its peak speed of 2.1 meters per second, the DC-93 Kubota Combine Harvester is able to go through paddy fields at a noticeably quicker rate. In comparison to the earlier iteration of the DC-70 Plus, a wider reaping width of 2.18 meters reduces the number of rounds that are required as well as the amount of damage that is done to paddy fields, all while increasing the speed of operation and improving the working rate by approximately 20 percent. By expanding the surface area of the crawler wheels that come in touch with the ground, the ground pressure exerted by the Kubota DC-93 may be lowered. Even in rice fields with the worst drainage, slippage and sinking are prevented by high-lug crawlers because they keep a strong grip on the soil as they move to collect the crop.

When farmers start making preparations for harvesting season, one of the most important things for them to do is to choose a harvester machine that can operate in a broad variety of weather and field conditions. DC-93 was developed by Kubota Combine Harvester as a solution to overcome issues with harvesting equipment. When used on paddy fields that have insufficient drainage, the outstanding mud flow function of the DC-93 enables it to work well even on fields that are 400 mm deep and successfully collect fallen rice.

DC 93 Kubota Combine harvester that is wider and lighter may help harvest more quickly in deep paddies since it does not have to spend as much time lounging about. Furthermore, it is possible to easily deal with crops that are dropping. There is no need to perform the discharge procedure again thanks to the 235-Degree Swing Unloading Auger and Heavy-Duty Grain Tanks. Full activities may be resumed in less than one minute if they are restarted quickly and with little interruption. When it comes to Kubota DC-93 and the Combine Harvester, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Use of Combine Harvesters in Nigeria

Harvesters manufactured by Kubota have been an essential component of the agricultural sector for as long as the firm has been in business. These harvesting tools have a wide variety of practical uses, one of which is that they make it possible for farmers to harvest crops in a more efficient manner and without inflicting any damage. This is just one of many possible applications for it; there are many more. Despite the modifications that have been made to its framework, these pieces of agricultural machinery continue to collect cash crops such as rice, maize, oats, and soybeans. When these crops are harvested at the optimal moment, it might save the farmers’ time. When there is extra time available, it is possible to put that time to greater use on the farm by working in areas that are more productive.

Combine harvesters have earned a reputation in Nigeria as being among the most dependable and trustworthy pieces of agricultural machinery. This is due to the fact that combine harvesters have a significant production while also having minimal operating expenses. Combine harvester purchasers have a good chance of benefiting, both in the short term and in the long term, from the high levels of efficiency and accuracy that are offered by the piece of machinery. This method has enabled rice farmers to reduce their expenditures on labor while simultaneously boosting their crop output since it automates the operations of rice harvesting and transplanting. You may get a diverse selection of combine harvesters in Nigeria from Tractors Nigeria at prices that are affordable. These harvesters have a horsepower range of between 60 and 105 at their disposal. This region is home to a significant number of Nigeria’s most productive combine harvesters.

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