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Kubota combine harvesters in Nigeria at Tractors Nigeria


Rice production has grown exponentially in Nigeria. The Nigerian economy currently depends largely upon its agriculture sector, specifically rice. Hence, rice farming in Nigeria needs to be highly productive and profitable. With the use of new cutting-edge technology and mechanized equipment such as using combine harvesters, this task can be achieved.

Combine harvesters were invented back in 1835 and since then, these marvelous machines have become the epitome of excellence. Combine harvesters are used for the threshing, winnowing, and reaping of the cash crops such as rice simultaneously all in a single operation. A rise in the demand for combine harvesters has been observed in Nigeria with the farmers adapting to modern technology and Tractors Nigeria, a trusted agriculture equipment dealer company that has Kubota combine harvesters available for sale.

Kubota Combine Harvesters: another name for reliability and durability.


Combines offered at Tractors Nigeria are manufactured by the well-known Kubota company of Japan. Kubota has been manufacturing harvesters now for more than 50 years and is reputed for their reliability and durability. These combine harvesters are assembled with remarkable quality parts to deliver exceptional and unrivaled performance in the agricultural lands of Nigeria. Farmers of Nigeria by employing Kubota combine harvesters to get their job done are able to do work on schedule and with a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness. Kubota harvesters can easily work for extended periods in the fields with minimal grain loss.

What models of Kubota combine harvesters do we offer?


Tractors Nigeria offers Kubota combines of various powers and sizes. Depending upon the requirements of fields, farmers can buy harvesters of their choice available in a wide range of horsepowers. Following are the types of models that we sell:

  1. DC-105X
  2. DC-105X CABIN
  3. DC-35
  4. DC-70 PLUS
  5. DC-70G PLUS
  7. DC-93
  8. DC-93G
  9. DC-93G CABIN


Mentioned above are the Combine harvesters available for sale at Tractors Nigeria at very affordable prices. A wide range in the sizes and powers of the combine harvesters available empower the farmers of Nigeria to do fully automated farming for better results.

Advantages of Kubota combine harvesters.


Farmers throughout the world have greatly benefited from the use of Kubota combines. Kubota combines having 2.5 meters cutting width reduce the working time significantly and make the harvest losses minimal with the tracks enabling them to work in the paddy fields as well. They have their powers and efficiency increased hence reducing the operational time and operating costs as well. Using these combine harvesters, farmers are able to do efficient farming hence boosting productivity. The grain obtained by harvesting the crops by combines is cleaner and recollection of fallen panicles increases the amount of yield produced. Kubota combine harvesters are top-of-the-line machinery due to their long-lasting technology and high efficiency.

At what costs does Tractors Nigeria offer combine harvesters?


Tractors Nigeria is a trusted company in Nigeria selling modern agricultural equipment at reasonable prices. We have been working in Nigeria for quite a long time now and offer low-budget, best-in-quality agricultural equipment such as combine harvesters at competitive prices.

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