Folding Canopy

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Tractors Nigeria has your best interest at heart


We at Tractors Nigeria ensure that we provide agricultural equipment and tools for our Nigerian farmers to utilize and enjoy. There are many tractor dealers in Nigeria but Tractors Nigeria is trusted by farmers due to our products being cost-efficient and reliable. Along with that our staff makes sure that our customers get an exemplary experience and are given accurate advice. This allows the customer to receive assistance to achieve the machinery that’s right for them.

Our product range includes tractors, parts, and accessories for them, farm implements, and combine harvesters. We offer brand new Massey Ferguson in Nigeria which is a great opportunity for Nigerian farmers. We also have New Holland and Massive tractors which are dependable and of good quality. These tractors in Nigeria can help in achieving the advancement in agriculture that the country and its farmers want. Additionally, we have to brand new tractors for sale which farmers can make use of.



Don’t limit yourself to tractors, expand your input to gain more in output.


Many companies have worked to find and build machinery that can help farmers in every agricultural process throughout the years. This machinery is meant to create ease for farmers and lead to better crops. Our tractor company in Nigeria has various combine harvesters from Kubota that can perform three functions in a single process which are reaping, threshing, and winnowing. It also has many other benefits that farmers can attain.

Farm implements such as adjustable pintle hook, agricultural loader, bed shape planter, cotton ridger, chisel plough, border disc, hammer mill, wheat thresher, landscape rakes, rice planter, rotary slasher, and much more can be found on our website. These devices aid the farmers in day-to-day tasks and generate more accuracy. We also stock tractor accessories in Nigeria which can be of considerable comfort to farmers. These Tractor parts in Nigeria include a tractor cabin and folding canopy.



The brand that has it all


Massey Ferguson has made an impact on farmers worldwide due to its production of agricultural machinery with innovation, technology, electronics, and precision farming. This manufacturer is known for its dependability and practicality. It has goods that work in tough conditions but also has specified products for particular situations. Because of the company’s quality and performance of its equipment, we supply its products containing parts and accessories. Moreover, we have Massey Ferguson tractors for sale which are of the finest condition.



A folding canopy for the tractor of your choice.


A dominant reason for the death of farmers is accidents during traveling especially tractor rollover accidents. These fatal incidents can occur because of unstable terrain, steep gradients, the high torque on the drive wheels, and towing heavy or unbalanced loads. Numerous solutions have been generated to reduce damage including canopy protection. A folding canopy gives farmers security when operating a tractor.

A folding canopy also gives safety from the sun, heat, and rain bestowing a greater work environment for farmers. The sun can be quite harmful if stayed in for longer periods of time. Farmers have to work hours under the sun for their crops and so need to be shielded. This is because the sun can give strokes or result in skin cancer. This worsens the health conditions of farmers and so we have a solution for it.

Overall this part shields the farmers from any weather conditions whether it be winters or summers. In winters, it saves farmers from snow as it is shady and has a sturdy frame.  This increases productivity and enables better output. The farmer is able to work without stress and get work done more easily. Furthermore, our folding canopy is easy to install and detach if wanted by the farmer.

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