Massey Ferguson MF-260 60hp Tractors in Nigeria

Model / Type: Massey Ferguson 260
Horse Power: 60hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 2.5D
Colour: Red
Condition: Brand New


Hydraulic Position Control
High P.T.O Power Spring Suspension
Deluxe Seat,


Nigeria has had to face a lot of ups and downs over the years, from it being a thriving civilization to facing the shackles of slavery under British rule. But brave farmers of Nigeria put the weight of lifting the economy of Nigeria upon their shoulders. But in this era of modernization, they need access to all the innovation this world has to offer. Our tractors are the pillars of advanced technology and one definitely needs this marvel of innovation in their inventory.

Tractors Nigeria has been working in Nigeria for quite some time and has made the lives of farmers quite easy by providing every modern farm equipment in the world. By providing the best tractors manufactured globally such as Massey Ferguson MF-260 60 hp tractors available for sale, we want to help Nigerian farmers develop their land.

All that Tractors Nigeria has to offer

Offering the world’s reputed Massey Ferguson tractors, Tractors Nigeria is the major tractor dealer in Nigeria. We are determined to provide the best of the best to our Nigerian farmers. We have Massey Ferguson tractors with the best in quality parts and their amazing functions available for sale. Such an excellent tractor is the Massey Ferguson MF 60 which boasts 60 hp horsepower.

Specifications of Massey Ferguson MF 260 60 hp tractors

Massey Ferguson 260 is an excellent option to have. It has an engine with a 60 horsepower engine capacity. The MF 260 consists of a turbocharged engine which is extremely powerful. It is highly fuel-efficient which is one of its main features. Also, less smoke is emitted by its engine due to better burning of fuel. The Massey Ferguson 260 has a manual steering drive in it.

The MF 260 is available at a reasonable price range and gives a very impressive performance. It has a fuel capacity of 47.5 liters and a spring suspension deluxe seat.

Is Massey Ferguson MF 260 60 hp budget-friendly?

Rising inflation in the world has made everything out of reach for ordinary people. Similarly, ordinary farmers usually do not have enough in their pockets to buy highly-priced valuables for them. But Tractors Nigeria is well aware of these facts and after a lot of effort, we have set prices that would benefit our Nigerian customers. Tractors Nigeria offers Massey Ferguson tractors like MF 260 60 hp tractors at unbelievably low prices. We keep our prices to a budget-friendly rate so that we do not put much stress on the farmers.

Are Tractors Nigeria worth choosing

At Tractors Nigeria, farmers can find various models of Massey Ferguson and New Holland tractors which are high-quality tractors equipped with advanced technology. Our company has expertise in fulfilling the demands of Nigerian farmers by providing them with their desired tractors and farm equipment at affordable prices. Thus we ask you to trust us only once and we assure you that you won’t regret it. You can check out our website or call us directly to view the products we sell.