Massey Ferguson MF-375 4WD 75hp Tractors in Nigeria

Model / Type: Massey Ferguson 375 4WD
Horse Power: 75hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.41D
No. of cylinders: 4
Gear Box: 8 forward, 2 reverse
Brakes: Oil-immersed, multi-disc
Maximum Lift Capacity: 2,145 kg
Colour: Red


Hydraulic Position Control,
High P.T.O Power,
Spring Suspension Seat,


There is no better all-around agricultural machine than the Massey Ferguson 375 4-WD farm tractor. Powered by a 75 HP engine, the Massey Ferguson 375 4WD tractor is a very capable agricultural tractor. Because the engine is so durable and long-lasting, it performs well when put to the test. It is capable of lifting and transporting 2,145 pounds. Using this lifting capacity, Nigerian farmers, who are continuously moving and changing crops, stand to gain a great deal. Disc brakes on the 375 4WD Massey Ferguson tractor are hydraulically operated, increasing safety for the driver. Hydraulic power steering on the Massey Ferguson 375 4WD farm tractor reduces driver fatigue and provides a stress-free working environment for Nigerian agricultural producers.

In addition to its powerful engine, the 375 4WD Massey Ferguson tractor is a fantastic agricultural tractor. When used in Nigeria’s working environment, the excellent farm tractor can adapt to a broad variety of agricultural farming scenarios. Among Nigeria’s greatest agricultural tractors, the 375 4WD Massey Ferguson tractor has a 75 HP low-noise diesel engine. High-quality export tires for excellent traction while also decreasing tire wear. 375 4WD Massey Ferguson tractor is a fantastic choice because farmers have so many things on their plates, the Massey Ferguson 375 4WD makes things easier for them due to its improved operating capabilities.

Why Massey Ferguson MF-375 4WD 75hp Tractors is appropriate in Nigeria?

Tractors like this Massey Ferguson tractor can do a lot of different things, like excavating holes in the ground, loading cargo for transit, and hauling massive goods. Agricultural farming in Nigeria relies heavily on farm tractors due to their low cost. Life-changing and brand-new Massey Ferguson 375 4WD tractors are available in Nigeria at fair prices. The 375 4WD Massey Ferguson tractor is a strong farm tractor that is designed to function effectively in harsh farming situations and overcome any hurdles farmers confront. An efficient agricultural tractor, like the Massey Ferguson 375 4WD farm tractor, burns less fuel while increasing crop yields due to enhanced cultivation.

The Massey Ferguson 375 4WD Tractor saves time since it is a high-tech automated farm tractor. As a result of the substantial amount of work time and effort saved, a farmer’s productivity might be increased significantly. The powerful and well-built engine of the farm tractor 375 4WD enables it to run for long periods of time without overheating. This Massey Ferguson tractor has a strong engine and great pulling force, allowing it to do more work in less time and energy. Nigerian farmers will greatly benefit from this farm tractor’s ability to handle any agricultural problem they could meet. Call us today for a life-changing farming experience.

Massey Ferguson tractors in Nigeria

Among Tractors Nigeria’s goals are enhancing agricultural sector working conditions, safety, and performance, and protecting people and the environment from harm. To show its dedication to the improvement, transformation, and automation of Nigeria’s agricultural business, Tractors Nigeria is always looking for new ways to provide value to its stakeholders. We have Massey Ferguson tractors and agricultural machinery for sale exported from Pakistan. For their size and ease of use, Massey Ferguson tractors for sale can haul huge objects in the field.  

Tractors Nigeria sells new Massey Ferguson tractors in Nigeria, a popular brand. A wide variety of farm tractors from Massey Ferguson have been developed to meet farmers’ demands for more efficient and appropriate automation. Modern agricultural techniques may have a big influence on a country’s development if agriculture is its principal source of income. Tractors Nigeria has a unique quality: we never cut corners. Tractors Nigeria has a wide variety of tractor options that may be tailored to meet the needs of each customer.