Kubota Combine Harvesters for Sale

Kubota Combine Harvester DC-35 in Nigeria

Rice harvesters that are relatively easy to assemble and have shallow harvest angles, such as the Kubota combine harvester DC-35, are well suited for use in paddy fields that are on the more compact side. As a result of this, it is now able to spin the harvesting head in a way that is both quick and efficient. Harvesting is feasible even in confined spaces as a result of the development of equipment that is both small in size and easy to operate. The quick rotation of this piece of agricultural machinery, which is not only efficient but also effective, as well as its narrow harvesting angles, are defining characteristics of this tool (turning). Due to the fact that it is on the smaller side, it makes it possible to carry a higher number of objects at the same time. The huge size of the crawler, along with its comparatively low mass, ensures that it is only subjected to a minimal amount of pressure from the ground. The Kubota Combine harvester DC-35 comes with a number of features, including the following:

  • Superior threshing and separation performance even while working with big loads;
  • The standard air stream cleaning system ensures that there is a continuous flow of air through the filter box. This method cuts down on the number of husks and other waste material produced, especially when dealing with very large quantities;
  • Slide-out filtration systems are simple to maintain and clean due to the fact that the drill, screws, and fans are all contained inside the filter box;
  • The Reversing Mechanism on the Kubota combine harvester makes it easy to reverse the chain of the feed conveyor in the event that either the feeder conveyor or the drill drum becomes obstructed;
  • Easy to use while providing a wealth of additional options at the same time;
  • This is the perfect equipment for working in small rice fields;
  • Extraordinary effectiveness in the performance of heavy-duty tasks;
  • The simplicity of usage;
  • Low-maintenance;

Use of Combine Harvester in Nigeria

Using a Combine Harvester, Nigerian farmers may harvest traditional grain crops such as wheat cereals, bean cultures, and oil plants. These can all be done using the Combine Harvester. This is a workable alternative due to its capacity to manage up to 2,000 hectares in a single season while maintaining efficiency and productivity of 45t/h. The Power Stream feature found on the Combine Harvester cuts down on material waste and improves the efficiency of material intake, resulting in increased overall performance. Utilizing this header in conjunction with the primary cutting unit makes it possible to get rid of shattering losses and guarantee consistent feeding (powered by a planetary gear reducer). The reel is powered by hydraulics, and it may be programmed to adjust its speed automatically in response to the movement of the ground.

Threshing rice is one of the most time-consuming and labor-intensive processes in rice cultivation. Moreover, it is one of the most physically strenuous activities you will ever partake in. Japanese Company, Kubota,  has a long history of harvesting mechanization and has established itself as a thought leader and specialist in the field of harvesting. To put it another way, Kubota’s clients benefit from the harvester’s high level of efficiency and accuracy in the short and long term. Combine harvesters from Kubota are among the most popular and dependable agricultural machinery in Nigeria. Rice farmers’ jobs were made easier by technological advancements that reduced labor expenses and increased yields via the automation of rice harvesting and transplanting. If farmers in Nigeria have access to sophisticated agricultural machinery, Tractors Nigeria’s activities may help them. As a result, our agricultural machinery, such as combine harvesters, improves sowing and harvesting efficiency. With our connections in Nigeria, we have access to a broad selection of agricultural machinery. You cannot go wrong with any of these itty-bitty attachments, from boom sprayers to fertilizer spreaders to chisel ploughs and disc harrows.

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