Kubota DC-93 Combine Harvester in Nigeria

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-93
Horsepower: 93hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 120L
Cutting width (mm): 2182
Ability to Harvest: 85 or less by hooking in the fall direction



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There are many tractor dealers in Nigeria but Tractors Nigeria holds a leading place in the market. We ensure that our Nigerian farmers are provided the best quality agricultural machinery to assist in every farming process. We pride ourselves on being cost-effective and reliable. These qualities ensure success not only for us but for our farmers. You can trust us to find the right machinery for you.



Combine harvester in Nigeria for our farmers to reap many gains


Combine harvester uses are numerous and that’s what makes it a piece of capable and useful equipment to have. Combine harvesters can reap, thresh, clean, and winnow. While it can be used for grain crops it also tackles some non-grain crops such as flax and soybeans. Combine harvester advantages involve the minimum time spent working, reducing manual labor and hence reducing costs.


Because of being able to harvest on time, farmers can save their crops from natural disasters. Moreover, it improves the grain quality and hence overall crop yields. There are two types of combine harvesters, a control combine harvester and a self-propelled combine harvester. A control combine harvester is driven by the tractors and their functions. A self-propelled combine harvester has an engine to help it function.


Combine harvester prices in Nigeria can seem high but with our combines for sale, you can find yourself a harvester that suits you best at a reasonable price. The price of a combine harvester is small when compared to the savings and quality a farmer can achieve from this machine. Parts of combine harvester and their functions play a big role in what makes this piece of hardware stand out.



Essential combine harvester parts and functions.


The combine harvester has a total of twenty-one parts which are considered quite intricate. These parts contain a cutter bar, sieves, rotating blades, grain tank, header, pickup reel, threshing drum, unloader, spreader, straw chopper, and much more. The header begins the harvesting process by gathering the crop and moving it into the combine where crops are pulled into the cutter bar. This is where they are sliced off at the base, by a slowly turning wheel also called a pickup reel. Following this, rotating augers drive the crops toward the core where they have transported up a conveyor to the threshing drum.


To put aside the grains from the stalks, the chopped crops are beaten by the threshing drum. The clean grains are then put through a sieve into a collection tank. The unloader, a side pipe, is utilized to clear the grain tank into a trailer or truck when it becomes packed. The stalks and chaff are then either baled to use later on or pressed to the ground.



The Kubota Combine Harvester you need!


Kubota is a significant Japanese agricultural machinery company that provides support at every stage of cultivation. We supply Kubota combine harvesters because of Kubotas exceptional reputation and dependability. The Kubota DC-93 is one of these harvesters and is equipped with an exceptionally strong engine of 93 horsepower. It also has a maximum speed of 2.1 m/s and an extensive reaping width of 2.18m helping with speed and productivity.


This Kubota harvester has a total length of 5,430 mm, a total width of 2,422 mm, and a total height of 2,830 mm. it has a four-cylinder water-cooled direct injection with a fuel capacity of 120 liters and an HST hydraulic transmission. The grain tank capacity of this harvester is 600 liters along with a weight of 3775 kg. it also has an axial flow system and an electronically controlled brake.


The DC-93 has a marvelous threshing execution due to its six blocks structure for the concave, ground clearance of 330 mm, and a wide diameter long threshing cylinder. This machine is made comfortable for the operator by being spacious and having a power steering lever with a reel control switch. It also has broad crawlers which expand the ground contact area that can be reached while reducing the pressure.


The crawlers enable better soil grip and less diminution. A farmer has to work in changing weather conditions and the mudflow feature allows the machine to maintain its stability in very peaty soil. This harvester has many advantages as stated above and can be a great addition to your farm. To find the combine harvester for sale, you can check our site at www.tractors.com.ng. You can contact our representatives for any further help.