MF 385 2WD Tractor in Nigeria

Massey Ferguson MF-385 2WD Tractor in Nigeria

The MF-385 2 Wheel Drive is one of the most well-liked types of tractors because it is renowned for its excellent performance in the field and because it generates less noise and less dangerous pollutants than other models. Oil coolers have been installed in newer models of Massey Ferguson tractors in Nigeria. This was done to improve operational efficacy and reduce the tractor’s impact on the local ecosystem. The MF-385 2WD tractor type provides its operator with the choice of either four-wheel drive or two-wheel drive. You may want to think about making an investment in high-quality agricultural equipment from Tractors Nigeria so that you may improve both the quality and quantity of the crops you grow. Tractors Nigeria offers a fantastic selection of Massey Ferguson tractors for sale, including the MF 385 2 Wheel Drive model. Through its online company, Tractors Nigeria aspires to provide Nigeria’s farmers with agricultural tractors of the highest possible quality.

The Massey Ferguson tractor for sale, model number MF 385 2WD, is a dependable piece of agricultural machinery because of its rugged construction and durable engine. The hydraulic power steering on this tractor on the farm gives for an exceptionally smooth driving experience and contributes significantly to the tractor’s amazing mobility. The steering mechanism and wheel of the tractor do not have any kind of mechanical connection to hydrostatic steering, since this kind of steering is entirely dependent on the hydraulic system of the tractor. Because it is propelled by fluid, the steering wheel is always simple to operate thanks to this technology. Because of the higher fluid pressure in the steering wheel of the MF 385, the front wheels of the tractor may be turned with a greater amount of power. The increased traction and agility provided by the Massey Ferguson 385 2WD make it easier for the driver to operate the vehicle. As a consequence, the driver is more relaxed. Because there is no connection to a mechanical component, the steering wheel on this tractor is more fluid and simple to use.

The 3-cylinder Perkins engine is used in Massey Ferguson tractors for sale MF-385 2WD tractors. The mechanical gearbox, rated at 62 horsepower, makes use of a synchronized engagement system. You may reverse in any of twelve different gears using a reverser. The suggested transmission system for the strong 70 horsepower and a maximum torque of 268 Nm at 1400 revolutions per minute is a four-cylinder synchronized reverse gearbox with a displacement of 3860 cm3. The two conventional wheelbases are 2.28 meters for two rear wheels and 2.35 meters for two front wheels (4 RM) Wi-Fi-equipped cabins have a ceiling height of 2.65 m. Because of its inexpensive price and simplicity of maintenance, this tractor is an excellent choice for small farms.

Massey Ferguson: A preferred brand in Nigeria

Farmers tend to select Massey Ferguson tractors in Nigeria due to the fact that the Massey Ferguson Tractor Company in Nigeria is often regarded as the most important participant in the business. The Massey Ferguson tractors for sale in Nigeria are equipped with durable engines that are manufactured to the highest industry standards. The creative style and excellent quality construction of the tractors that are produced by the Massey Ferguson Company in Nigeria have made them famous across the whole globe.

Local Nigerian farmers may purchase the best Massey Ferguson tractor for sale at Tractors Nigeria, which they can then use on their farms at rates that are comparable to those that are already available on the market. Tractors Nigeria’s mission is to provide Nigerian farmers and producers of cash crops access to cutting-edge and effective agricultural machinery. We are one of the leading tractor dealers in Nigeria. When it comes to supplying farmers in Nigeria with a diverse selection of agricultural machinery, Tractors Nigeria has incorporated cutting-edge innovations in both the design and quality of its products.

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