Agricultural Loader

Agricultural Loader Specification
Bucket Size 60″~66″
Lifting Height Max 132″
Control Valve 45ltr 2 Spool Valve
Hose Pipe 6000PSl, Double Breaded
Sleeve Steel Tube honed
Rod Hard Chromed Carbon Steel
Pump Tractor Pump
Cylinder 4 (60mmx40mm)
Seal V Type

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To the front end of our tractors, the agricultural loader is mounted. For the transportation of bulk substances, the handling of such products gets quite clumsy. To assort this, agricultural loaders are the most hassle-free farm implements in this regard, allowing easy commute of such substances to and fro. More commonly, by the farmers of Nigeria, agricultural loaders are used for digging up in-depth trenches or pit holes. At the construction sites, agricultural loaders have seemed to play a vital role in constructing roads and pavements. They can help in the proliferation of substances such as manures and fertilizers. Furthermore, the lifting and digging capacity of an agricultural loader is indescribable, as they can lift gigantic objects within one go and can simultaneously rip apart the hardest of the ground soil.



Prominent Features

  • Export quality farm implement.
  • Is verified under ISO 9001 verification.
  • User friendly.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Economically well suited for every farmer’s needs.
  • Tractors falling in between 50hp to 85hp are easily compatible with it.
  • Heavy material lifting is assisted via the front big bucket.
  • Increases the efficiency of the tractor manifolds.
  • Multipurpose and highly reliable tractor implement.



Technical Specifications

  • Maximum lifting capacity is recorded to be around 750 Kgs – 1000 Kgs.
  • Hydraulically operated.
  • 1 cubic meter is the measured volume of the bucket.
  • Within 3 to 7 secs, lifting is done.

Tractors Nigeria has been operational for a couple of years as the leading supplier and dealer of agricultural machinery in Nigeria. It has maintained its bar of supplying authentic, high end and export-quality farming tools that are competent enough to lead the agricultural market. Our competitive farm implements and tractors have credibly supported the farmers of Nigeria in terms of financial and agricultural crisis by nurturing them to increase their rate of production of crops vital for the survival of the Nigerian population.

In terms of pricing and quality, agricultural loaders are the best choice for the farmers of Nigeria. With such types of farm implements in the farmyards, heaps of agricultural work can be done within minutes. The lifting and movement of gravel, sand, construction debris, manure, etc., has become much easier with the help of a genuine agricultural loader exclusively available at Tractors Nigeria.