Sub Soiler

Model HFI-01/S
Linkage Category 1/2
Frame Heavy Duty Steel Channel
Width of Hal 31″ (78 cm)
Height of Hal 49.5″ (126 cm)
Length of Hal 30″ (76 cm)
Number of Blades 1
Weight 110 kg
Working Depth 21″ (53 cm)

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A subsoiler is a durable farm implement available at Tractors Nigeria. These are specific farming tools that are engineered to perform deep tillage-related functions. The Nigerian agricultural soil is often compacted with soil lumps that hinder plant growth. These hard clumps can be easily removed using a sturdy farm implement like that of a subsoiler. Possesses a very sharp blade, that easily penetrates through the hardest of soil, breaking the hardpan and allowing the soil to mix uniformly. This soil mixing, in turn, caters positively toward strengthening the root system of the upcoming crops.



Prominent Features

  • The crop productivity is enhanced greatly.
  • Moisture is retained within the soil thus the ability to absorb rainwater is increased.
  • Durable as made up of high-quality steel.
  • Soil is improved through subsoiling.
  • Nutrient access increased.
  • A better flow of water.
  • Root aeration is better than before.
  • Soil cultivation expenses are mitigated.
  • Brightens a dirty plough pan.



Technical Features

  • OTI-01/S is the desired model.
  • The linkage category is ½.
  • For tractor compatibility, 75hp of power is the minimum requirement.
  • 1 blade.
  • Working depth is measured to be 21” (53 cm).
  • The frame is made up of heavy-duty channels.


Being a reputable and acknowledgeable tractor dealer in Nigeria, we have been striving hard to provide qualitative farming machinery. Our farm implements for sale in Nigeria, are kept under the marginal prices to provide the Nigerian farmers with enormous benefits. The subsoilers available at are of absolute quality and therefore perform primary tilling quite significantly.

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