Kubota DC-70G Plus Combine Harvester in Nigeria

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-70G Plus
Horsepower: 69hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 85L
Body Weight: 3,150
Ability to Harvest: 85 or less by hooking in the fall direction

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A multipurpose combine harvester in Nigeria is capable of tremendous harvesting applications that overall contribute to the growth and prosperity of the individual farmers. Moreover, the Kubota combines are compact and can be easily placed within a comparatively lesser area of space. These combines are built with a robust strength to prevent any mechanical damage suffered from the harvesting of the crops. They can also resolve and provide equivalent solutions to combat the growing issues of finding skilled and rigorous agricultural labor. A combine harvester in Nigeria is considered to be the most economical and perfect solution for harvesting operations with budget-friendly prices and countless use to get benefits. Such a marvelous combine harvester that we have available for sale is the DC-70G plus.



The Kubota DC 70G Plus is an upgraded model of combine harvesters for sale, with a sustainable and high-powered engine to deliver a 70 horsepower range. It is fitted with a hydraulic speed shift system to control the speed immediately of the heavy-moving combine. The reaper control of the combine is also provided with the hydraulic feature for maximizing its efficiency. The storage of the grain tank is measured to be around 1000 kg to ensure the combine can work for longer hours without having to delay emptying the grain tank. The maximum working per hour has been noted to be 1 – 1.25 acres of land per hour. To ensure the safety of the vehicle and farmer, a safety switch is also a part of the combine which can trigger its operations in case of emergency. One of the many advantages of the Kubota DC 70G Plus is that it is a fuel-efficient device, consuming approximately 7.5 Liters per hour


Benefits of DC-70 plus

KUBOTA DC-70G has plenty of advantages. KUBOTA DC-70G PLUS is able to handle any type of paddy field very easily. This feature makes it a unique combine harvester. One of the many excellent features of the KUBOTA DC-70G PLUS is that it can work on its full horsepower. Also, it consumes rather less fuel hence reducing the fuel costs. KUBOTA DC-70G PLUS is able to handle long working hours very easily. KUBOTA DC-70G PLUS is an excellent combine harvester with many benefits.


Tractors Nigeria provides combine harvesters at affordable prices.

The credibility and versatility in the operations of combines for sale are undeniable. Our Kubota combine harvesters are available at the most reasonable prices in Nigeria. Farmers want a combine harvester for their needs that costs in a range they can afford. Hence we’ve introduced combine harvesters such as DC-70G plus in a very affordable range. We have DC-70G plus combine harvester available for sale at a very decent price in Nigeria. Get in touch with our sales representatives to purchase the harvester of your choice.