Kubota DC-70G Plus Cabin Combine Harvester in Nigeria

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-70G Plus Cabin
Horsepower: 69hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 85L
Body Weight: 3,150
Ability to Harvest: 85 or less by hooking in the fall direction

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Tractors and farm implements in Nigeria have had a significant influence in the contemporary period on how farmers conduct their business. The introduction of agricultural machinery and technology has not only made farming easier but has also allowed farms to produce more food than they were previously capable of doing so.

Traditional and time-honored methods of crop production have mostly been replaced by contemporary agricultural techniques that utilize high-quality agricultural machinery and farm implements in Nigeria offered by Tractors Nigeria.

Hence Tractors Nigeria provides combine harvesters such as Kubota DC-70G Plus cabin to the farmers of Nigeria at reasonable prices.


Specifications of DC-70G Plus cabin

Kubota DC-70G Plus Cabin is a very economical combine yet it is believed to have some really useful specifications. Mainly, a Kubota DC-70G Plus Cabin comprises a direct 4-cycle diesel engine, featuring 70 hp and approximately radiating 2700 engine rotations. The ground clearance and the gross weight are measured to be 325 mm and 3030 kg respectively. This combine harvester is quite rigid and robust such that it can endure any type of cultivation field. It is a tracked type of combine harvester and can be easily used in damp or swampy soil where the wheels are likely to be clamped down in the damp soil. The fuel tank storage capacity is approximately 85L. Therefore, the fuel economy of this harvester is pretty reasonable, which is measured to be around 3 to 4 liters of fuel per rai. The storage of the grain tank is quite humongous, allowing 1 ton of the grains to be easily stored. The working per hour recorded is also pretty generous, covering more or less 0.3-0.7 hectares of land within an hour.


Advantages of DC-70G Plus cabin harvester

DC-70G plus cabin is an excellent combine harvester having advantages beyond the expectations of the farmers. Farmers usually want a combine for their lands that is operational on multiple crops since varying seasons have various crops. DC-70G Plus cabin can operate on multiple crops like corn, wheat, rice, sorghum, barley, etc. With a cabin attached to this exceptional combine the storage capacity increase by significant amounts and a larger capacitated fuel tank by its side makes this combine work for highly prolonged hours. DC-70G Plus cabin works on a very fast harvesting rate as mentioned earlier saving plenty of time for the farmers and making the next cultivation of the crops efficient. Soil requirements of Nigeria need a specific type of harvester and the DC-70G Plus cabin fulfills all the requirements.


Affordability of DC-70G Plus cabin harvester

For the harvest of your crops in Nigeria, get the Kubota DC-70G Plus cabin which is not only budget-friendly and is accommodated easily in the finances of every farmer but is a hundred percent reliable. Hence we have DC-70G plus cabin at a very reasonable price. We have always believed in the honest service of the farmers of Nigeria and have wished only for their trust. Buy combine harvesters from us at unbelievable prices and work for a better and more successful future.