Kubota DC-93G Combine Harvester in Nigeria

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-93G
Horsepower: 93hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 120L
Cutting width (mm): 2182
Body Weight: 3,875



Agriculture is the primary source of Nigeria’s economic output. Subsistence farming employs 70% of the population, and harvesting is a crucial part of crop management. When it comes to labor-saving technology, combine harvesters, which reduce the number of people working in agriculture, are a standout example. Human resources are an issue that might be solved by combine harvesters in rain-fed agriculture in Nigeria. They are able to cultivate more land than in the past due to reduced labor shortages brought on by technology.


In terms of agricultural machinery, the combine harvester is the most cutting-edge model currently on the market. Each of the machine’s two-grain platforms has the potential to minimize grain waste while also making it easier to separate the grain from the stalks that hold it together. Combine harvesters in Nigeria may catch rice panicles falling from the sky, allowing farmers to track the frequency of crop damage. There are no worries for farmers in Nigeria when it comes to relying on Kubota combine harvesters because of their unparalleled performance. Tractors Nigeria’s Kubota combine harvesters for sale outperform other models because of their excellent capacity to work on the farmland.


Combine harvester prices in Nigeria are influenced by the horsepower of the engine and the harvester’s size. A smaller harvest will nearly always be less expensive than a bigger one, according to the general rule of thumb. The price of a Kubota combine harvester DC-93 G in Nigeria ranges from $32,000 to $36,000. You will not have to pay any additional taxes if you need to ship the tractor to another country. Tractor Nigeria sells Kubota combine harvesters in a variety of horsepower and capacity configurations.



DC-93 G in Nigeria


The Kubota harvester DC-93 G is widely regarded as the uncontested harvesting king. Farmers may maximize their grain yields by using this kind of agricultural equipment. A 40-foot-wide swath is created by the Kubota combine harvester DC-93 G as it moves over a field of agricultural crops. An engine with the power of the Kubota harvester DC-93 G is required for better soil grip and better threshing in systematic farming. With a larger cylindrical diameter and power steering, this combine harvester is more mobile. It was discovered that the harvesting rate was 2.10 meters per second using the Kubota combine harvester DC-93 G. When the soil is moist, the Kubota harvester DC-93 G is able to continue harvesting regardless of the temperature or precipitation level. This slows down the growth of the crops.


As the harvest season approaches, you need a combine harvester that can withstand a variety of weather and terrain conditions. Kubota came out with the DC-93 G Combine Harvester to address these issues. The DC-93 G’s outstanding mud flow function enables it to work well even on paddy fields that are 400 mm deep and collect fallen rice in an efficient way when used on paddy fields with poor drainage. Because this combine harvester has a bigger storage tank of 1800 liters than previous models, harvesting may continue without interruption. Farmers can harvest for considerably longer periods of time since the fuel tank may hold up to 120 liters of gasoline. To speed up harvest cleaning, a dust suction blower is built inside the combine’s interior.


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