Massive 240S Tractor in Nigeria

Model / Type: Massive 240
Horse Power: 50hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 2.5D
Condition: Brand New


Tractors Nigeria is an advanced and extremely popular tractor dealer in Nigeria, supplying and delivering remarkable quality agricultural products that have been proved of immense help for Nigerian farmers. We, at Tractors Nigeria, endeavor to empower Nigerian farmers in order to make them independent and self-sufficient in terms of sound and credible farming machinery. Our high-end tractor dealer owns an inventory with the most reckoning and technology upgraded tractors, such as brand-new Massive Tractors, which have been engineered considering the everyday struggles that Nigerian farmers faced. Our inventory also beholds spare parts of tractors and farm implements that are truly hectic to find. By every means, we strive to bring ease to the African and Nigerian farmers.


What are Massive Tractors?

Massive Tractors are compact farm tractors that are easily available at Tractors Nigeria. These tractors, depending upon the horsepower range are categorized into different classes. These tractors can successfully execute plenty of farming operations without stressing Nigerian farmers. Massive Tractors are an eminent global brand of tractors and other agricultural machinery, majorly known for its quality, reliability, and versatile performance.


Massive Tractor 240

The most compact, economic, and technology-driven Massive Tractor throughout its entire range is the Massive Tractor 240. With its 2.5L Perkins diesel engine, this tractor in Nigeria is an absolute pleasure to drive. The 2WD tractor variant is the talk of the town as it has a 47.7L fuel capacity, allowing it to work without any interruption. Moreover, it features a 9.8L coolant capacity, dual dry element cleaner, and a liquid cooler to prevent the engine from exceeding the set temperatures.

Not only this but the Massive Tractor 240 for sale in Nigeria, has a tremendous transmission, featuring eight-speed sliding gear, having 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. This transmission system ensures the tractor can be stopped easily as and when required. For changing the speed of the tractor, the gears provided may assist.

The comfort of the driver is what we at Massive Tractors are concerned with, henceforth the Massive Tractor 240 is provided with a dynamic hydrostatic power steering to prevent the driver from exerting enough pressure during the drive. As for the hydraulics, the two valves and 33 L capacity are enough to generate a pump flow of 36 liters per minute approximately.

The front-end loader attachment is part of this incredibly built tractor. This tractor weighs approximately 1,911 kg and is too easy to work with. The Massive Tractor 240 is the most desirable tractor that every Nigerian farmer wishes to own. With its incredible features, pocket-friendly budget, terrific fuel capacity, and ability to reduce the farming burden, the Massive Tractor 240 has it all.


Nigerian Agriculture

Nigerian agriculture grows crops in abundant quantities such as cotton, cocoa, sesame beans, cashew nuts, etc. that are exported to bring worthy foreign exchange to the country. The agriculture of Nigeria has a lot of potentials to escalate its rate of production if the detrimental drawbacks faced are mitigated to some extent. The lack of social amenities and poor infrastructure is what affects Nigerian agriculture adversely. To counter this, Tractors Nigeria aims to provide the farmers of Nigeria with the basic and advanced amenities in the remote and unreachable areas of Nigeria. With the continuous supply, not only the agricultural system will be able to reach newer heights but the economy will also be backed.

Order away your potential Massive Tractors exclusively from Tractors Nigeria, and open the doors to unimaginable boundaries of development and prosperity.