Massive 290 4WD Tractor in Nigeria

Model / Type: Massive 290 4WD
Horse Power: 80hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.1D
Colour: Red
Condition: Brand New


Hydraulic Position Control
High P.T.O Power Spring Suspension
Deluxe Seat,

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Inventory at Tractors Nigeria

Tractors Nigeria, a credible and trusted name in the farming industry, is known as the trusted pioneer dealer of authentic farm inventory, comprising a wide range of farm tractors and farm implements. These farm tractors and farm implements are of pivotal importance to the Nigerian farmers as several farming needs are furnished using them such as personal transportation, haulage-related functions, towing and pulling applications vital for farming processes like ploughing, planting, cultivating, etc.

We, at Tractors Nigeria, aim to solve all the farming queries of the Nigerian farmers by supplying quality farming products at affordable rates and secondly by educating the farmers with the necessary knowledge regarding the purchase of the right farm tractor and farm implement as per their farm size and agricultural requirements. In doing so, our enormous inventory of world-class qualitative Massive Tractors and farm implements will provide the necessary machine power leading toward the farming revolution.

Massive Tractor 290 4WD

Massive Tractors are proudly known for their outstanding performance in the agricultural fields of Nigeria, powering the farm implements and providing the necessary pulling force required for the execution of a variety of farm operations. The Massive Tractor 290 4WD is the hottest selling tractor in Nigeria, of all the Massive Tractors. Its 4.1L Perkins diesel engine, emitting power of 80hp has a great pulling power to easily initiate pulling applications. This 4-wheel drive tractor is ideal for the farming requirements of small to medium-size farms. The multi-disc brake system is provided with a pendant paddle. The weight of the medium size Massive Tractor 290 is estimated to be somewhat 2900 KG.

With a hydraulically actuated, oil-immersed disc brake, hydrostatic power steering, and a clutch and sliding spur transmission of 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, the Massive Tractor 290 4WD is one of the most competitive tractors in the range of compact tractors. Moreover, at Tractors Nigeria you can get the brand-new Massive Tractor 290 4WD for sale at subsidized rates.

Farming and agriculture

Agriculture was never easy as it is today since tractors and farm implements have provided the necessary machine power and traction to regulate the farming operations. Massive Tractors provide the necessary torque and speed adjustments during haulage and other heavy farming operations. Tractors made farming chores easier and swifter than ever.

The Nigerian farmers were pressurized with the everyday farming chores which kept farmers busy and stressed. However, with Massive Farm Tractors and a gigantic inventory of Tractors in Nigeria, farmers of Nigeria have been reprieved with the farming stress as the mighty engine tractors can simultaneously accomplish the necessary pushing, planting, cultivating, pulling heavy farm implements, tilling, digging and whatnot. Furthermore, tractors can also pull trailers and water bowsers at times of water scarcity in order to mitigate the water stress.

The benefits of using Massive Farm Tractors in the Nigerian cultivating fields are countless. All you have to do is get in touch with our sales team and our sales representative will provide you with the most informative knowledge relevant to your farming requirements. From thereon, you can order your brand-new Massive Tractor from Tractors Nigeria at exciting prices, especially bargained for Nigerian farmers.