Massive 275 Tractor in Nigeria

Model / Type: Massive 275
Horse Power: 72hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.1D
Colour: Red
Condition: Brand New


Hydraulic Position Control
High P.T.O Power Spring Suspension
Deluxe Seat,


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Massive Tractors

Ever since Tractors Nigeria became operational and the Nigerian farmers were introduced to Massive Tractors, they were truly amused with the terrific features of Massive Tractors. Massive Tractors in Nigeria features some of the most exemplary features including a mighty turbocharged diesel engine, a clutch, and a powerful gear system that powers the transmission system. Moreover, the Massive Tractors of today are equipped with all the technological advancements to ensure they can compete with the stressful farming needs. These tractors can be easily used by laymen farmers despite technological advancements. All these compelling features of the superior quality Massive Tractors come under the budget, thus making these tractors highly preferable over any other tractor brand.


Massive Tractor 275

The Massive Tractor 275 is an economical and commendable farm tractor. This farm tractor can potentially assist the Nigerian farmers in catering to numerous farming operations through a beasty 4.1L turbocharged Perkins diesel engine radiating engine power of approximately 75hp. The transmission of the 2WD tractor is of two types manual and multipower. The former comprises 8 forward and 2 gears whereas the latter comprise 12 forward and 4 reverse gears provided with two-speed shifts. The optimum compression ratio is measured to be 16.0:1.

Other persuasive features include hydrostatic power steering, differential hydraulic wet discs brakes, a two-post rollover protection structure, an open operator station, differential lock, and an oil bath. The approximate weight of the powered Massive Tractor 275 is from 6100 to 6610 pounds. The capacity of the fuel tank is 70L which enables the Massive Tractor to drive for miles without worrying about refueling. The front-end loader is the accessory attachment of the dynamic tractor. The battery of 180Ah operates the engine by means of supplying 12V.

The Massive Tractor 275 is a dynamic Massive Tractor whose simple PTO can easily transfer power, a progressive gear sequence, and a 3-point linkage system, making this tractor distinctive and unique from the rest of the ordinary tractors.


Agricultural codependence

The Nigerian agricultural codependence exists with the supply of advanced farming tools and tractors that can contribute significantly to Nigerian economic development. Nigerian agriculture faces a number of hurdles preventing the farmers of Nigeria to grow and sow more. To counter this, Tractors Nigeria offers a productive range of farm implements and durable farm tractors which have helped the Nigerian farmers to climb the success ladder by simplifying the farming operations and simultaneously reducing the farming burden.

For harvesting and cultivation, Massive Tractors are the best and most affordable farm tractors that every Nigerian farmer dream of. Get your brand new Massive tractor for sale from Tractors Nigeria and thank us later.