New Holland 70-56 Tractor in Nigeria

Model / Type: New Holland 70-56
Horse Power: 85hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color : Red



To get their job done swiftly and comfortably, farmers rely on New Holland Tractors in Nigeria. Purchasing New Holland tractors in Nigeria may save you both time and money by accomplishing the work in a timely and successful way. The process may be accomplished more rapidly and with fewer personnel due to the availability of an electrohydraulic rear PTO that runs at 540 RPM.

Tractors made by New Holland are among the most often utilized in Nigeria. A testament to the dedication to offering high-quality goods and services is the exceptional reputation for both lifespan and productivity that our new tractors for sale in Nigeria enjoy. New Holland’s most popular tractor models in Nigeria are notably quieter than their competitors’ offerings. As of now, the most competitive pricing can be found on these machines. Tractors are expensive, but this one comes with everything a farmer could ask for. This vehicle’s hydrostatic power steering provides the quickest and most precise steering available on the market today.


Why New Holland’s tractors are popular in Nigeria?

For Nigeria’s agricultural sector, New Holland’s tractor is one of the most cost-effective solutions. Because of the vehicle’s hydrostatic power, the steering performance is at its best. With a wide range of specialized financing choices and reliable parts and services, Tractors Nigeria provides the most comprehensive agricultural tool collection in the country. In order to get the job done, every farmer knows they can rely on a New Holland tractor. New Holland tractors for sale, which can be purchased through Tractors Nigeria, are notable for their adaptability when compared to other brands and models. It is not only that New Holland tractors in Nigeria have a mechanization system that is thorough and long-lasting; they also have cheap running expenses and are easy to repair.


New Holland 70-56 Tractor

A diesel engine with 85 horsepower powers the 70-56 4WD New Holland Tractors for sale in Nigeria. The most noticeable advantage of using a four-wheel-drive tractor is an improvement in production. The 70-56 4WD Tractor has hydraulic power steering, which enhances the driving experience. Its cylinders were 104 millimeters wide and had a stroke of 104 millimeters, totaling a 3908 cubic centimeter piston displacement (cc). The most powerful setting on this machine generates 27 kg of torque. It is not a problem for this tractor to do agricultural activities or excavate the soil. A potato planter, a water pump, and a wheat straw cutter are just a few examples of agricultural machinery that may be controlled with its aid.

Tractors Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s most prominent tractor dealers in Nigeria. A wide variety of agricultural machinery is available for purchase from this company in Nigeria. Due to their adaptability, New Holland 70-56 tractors may be used by farmers and horticulturists alike for a wide range of additional tasks. They may be utilized in both agriculture and horticulture. Because they have all of these characteristics, administering and using them is a snap. When looking for New Holland Tractor components in Nigeria, please contact us if you have had no luck elsewhere. To find New Holland Tractor parts, you know you won’t have to scan the whole country of Nigeria. All you have to do comes to us and we will deliver.