New Holland 640 Tractor in Nigeria

Model / Type: New Holland 640
Horse Power: 75hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color : Red

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Farmers have significantly benefitted from modern farming methods, and so can rural farmers by swiftly adapting to new mechanized and modernized agricultural methods with ease. Having a high yield is one of the primary goals of a farmer. To make a decent profit on the farm’s goods is a secondary goal of agriculturalists. Adequate agricultural input is critical to achieving these goals.

Farmers of Nigeria are searching for appropriate options in terms of choosing agricultural equipment. You can trust us to sort you with the highest quality equipment in Nigeria.


We are the ultimate tractor dealers in Nigeria

Having someone trustworthy to buy you agricultural machinery is a significant perk to have in your country. Fortunately for the farmers of Nigeria, there is Tractors Nigeria. Tractors Nigeria, one of Nigeria’s leading tractor dealers, sells New Holland tractors and agricultural equipment at amazing prices.


Benefits of New Holland 640 tractor

The New Holland 640 tractor is quite popular for being one of the most economical tractors in the 75 HP range. This is a compact tractor that is known for its performance and sturdiness. Tractors Nigeria is there for the farmers of Nigeria to provide all the essential services they need when it comes to their agricultural equipment. Our New Holland 640 is a power horse that will never let you down.


Price of New Holland 640

Usually, the prices of tractors and other agricultural machinery are quite high and cost a lot to the farmers. But New Holland tractors are the most economical. They are slightly low powered hence available at quite affordable prices. Their build quality and parts enable them to carry the same workload as the other high-performance tractors but are available at decent prices.


Bringing innovation to the farmers of Nigeria.

Nigeria has wished for better results in their farming sector and has found a solution in the shape of modern agriculture that includes the use of high-end technology. Overall, modern agriculture relies on innovation, and Nigeria is making progress toward becoming a fully modernized nation in this regard but still has a long way to go. Consumers’ desires for transparency and sustainability have led to a shift in the industry’s supply chain and equipment. Agribusinesses are becoming more aware that they need to find answers to these problems. You can get in touch with us today for tailored solutions to your agricultural problems.