Used MF-390 Tractor in Nigeria

Model / Type: Massey Ferguson MF-390
Horse Power: 90hp
Transmission: Manual
Color : Red
Condition: Used

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Used Tractors and their remarkable agricultural performance

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Best landscaping instrument

Landscaping with hands is now a thing of the past, all thanks to credible and functional tractors for sale at Tractors Nigeria. The tractors are regarded to be the best landscaping instrument, leaving behind a perfectly managed farm or lawn. Modern tractors of today, are integrated with several improved features to help farmers with strenuous farming operations, including, ploughing, reaping, mowing, sowing, planting, etc. These tractors are revenue generating, when the wholesome harvested crops, collected via them are sold at full price in the marketplace.

The excellence of the used MF-390

MF-390 is an exceptionally functional tractor, despite being in the used state. This tractor, besides working on Nigerian farms, is largely seen on construction and industrial sites. Owing to its gigantic size, it can easily pull off a wide range of farming operations without jeopardizing the growing crops, namely, cassava, rice, millet, sorghum, etc.

  • Engine

The potential Perkins diesel engine of MF-390 has been tested under severe conditions before being put up for sale. The engine is designed to potentially emit less harmful fumes. As compared to power delivery, the engine consumes a lesser amount of fuel. This 88Hp powered engine is capable of yielding an average speed of 540 live PTO rpm.

  • Transmission

The Differential transmission modes of transmission are quite visible by the motion of the tractor. The MF-390 is equipped with the 5 advanced transmission modes, listed below;

  • 12-speed synchromesh transmission mode
  • 8-speed, manual transmission mode
  • 12-speed partial power shift transmission mode
  • 18-speed gear, two-speed partial power shift transmission mode
  • 12-speed gear, synchronized shuttle transmission mode

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