Offset Disc Harrows

Offset Disc Harrow Specification
Weight of approx.: 450 Kgs to 800 Kgs
Working width: 55 – 75 inches depending on the size of harrow
Tractor compatibility is min 50 HP

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For seed preparation and granular appearance of soil, a durable and sturdy farm implement is used by the Nigerian farmers, namely an offset disc harrow. It is categorized as heavy-duty equipment and is an excellent farming instrument for the elimination of weeds and helps to retain moisture within the depth of soil. The discs of this farm implement aren’t parallel but rather offset to ensure that when these are applied to any ground soil, loosen it and lift it, for maximizing the optimized results. It can penetrate way better than its partner tilling implements such as chisel plough or disc ploughs. With its incredible performance, this tractor-mounted farm implement has modernized the farming culture of Nigeria.



Prominent Features

  • 127~178 Mm is the tillage depth of the harrow.
  • Can be used without causing trouble in medium to light soil.
  • Easy to mount on the tractor.
  • Great strength and is durable for life.
  • For sandy soil, it can perform tillage functions.
  • Portable and economical.
  • The optimum quality Boron steel disc is present.
  • Angles as per needs can be set easily.



Technical Features

  • 75 to 85 HP is the minimum horsepower requirement.
  • 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 are the respective disc numbers.
  • 228/9” is the measurable distance between discs.
  • Discs are 24 inches in size.
  • 55 to 75 inches is the optimum working width.
  • 685 to 770 Kg is the recorded weight.


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