Rear Blade

Rear Blade Specification
Width: 5’ – 12’
Length: 5ft with wheel
1/2” Reversible/replaceable cutting edge.

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The leveling of ground or the maintenance of agricultural fields is quite a task and requires enough time, patience, and great farming equipment to assist the farmers in this lengthy and hardcore farming process. At Tractors Nigeria, you will find an economical yet fruitful farm implement that will not only maintain the farms within a fraction of time but will also perform road grading and road cleaning simultaneously, and that too at drastically affordable rates.



Prominent Features

  • Can be attached to the tractor easily.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Multipurpose.
  • Of high export quality.
  • Is verified under ISO 9001 verification.
  • Dig irrigation channels.
  • Economical.
  • Is adjustable concerning leveling.



Technical Features

  • 170 Kg is the estimated weight.
  • 0 to 40 Degrees are the angle adjustments.
  • For tractor compatibility, 50hp of power is the minimum requirement.
  • The length and width of the blade are 5 feet and 7 feet respectively.
  • Has a reversible cutting edge.


In Nigeria, farmers are always looking out for measures that will shorten the lengthy farming procedures and reduce the farming burden to a great extent. Here, at Tractors Nigeria, you will find the most affordable and the most quality farming products throughout the African continent. The quality-oriented rear blades purchased from Tractors Nigeria depict a greater on-field performance in terms of road grading, terracing, backfilling, and earth moving. Contact us at our email id and get your customized quality farm implement deliver to your doorstep without a stressful route.