Ridger Specification
Overall width: 1778mm
Max Row Spacing: 711m
Clearance: 550mm
Weight: 150kgs
Tractor compatibility: 50HP +
Depth: 1050mm

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Nigerian farmers of today, have been continuously ripping the soil surface for the formation of ridges and furrows manually to ensure crops like potatoes, sugarcane, banana, tobacco, etc. can receive an uninterrupted water flow. Before, applying ridgers to any soil surface, the soil should be damp enough and have been tilled once or twice. The plough of the ridger helps in furrow formation by loosening the tightened soil. In this way, the Nigerian fields are split and the appropriate amount of water is flown through easily. A ridger is also used for earthing purposes by Nigerian farmers. Therefore, a productive farm implement like that of a ridger should be a part of every Nigerian farmer’s inventory.



Prominent Features

  • For valuable crops, ridges are made easier.
  • Tractor performance is enhanced.
  • Easy spacing adjustment can be done.
  • Economical for the Nigerian farmers.
  • Of high export quality.
  • Is verified under ISO 9001 verification.
  • Exclusively is available at Tractors Nigeria.



Technical Features

  • For tractor compatibility, 50hp of power is the minimum requirement.
  • The optimum weight is 150 Kg.
  • The optimum depth is 1050 mm.
  • Ground clearance and overall widths are 550 mm.


Nigerian farmers are always eager of finding the relevant agricultural tools that can boost crop production without stressing them further. To ensure this, we at tractors.co.ng provide the Nigerian farmers with the most productive and credible farming tools for sale that have been specialized to enormously boost the agricultural potential. Moreover, our wide range of farm implements and tractors are made up of durable materials which is the secret to delivering quality services for life.

The ridgers available at our tractor company, are affordable and can perform the soil ripping quite efficiently. The better the soil has been ripped apart the greater the flow of water, thus producing sustainable and healthy crop growth. So get your desired farm implement, to boost the agricultural strength of your farm in an economical way.