Rotary Slasher

Rotary Slasher Specification
No of Blades 3
Working Width 150 cm
Overall Width 175cm
Tractor Compatibility 50 HP

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Several farming tools can perform grass cutting, out of them rotary slashers does them in a very versatile manner. A rotary slasher can maintain the grasslands, lawns, and road verges. It is considered a heavy-duty farm implement that essentially cuts unwanted grasses. Nigerian farmers are concerned with the untidiness of the fields and do not rely on any other farm implement as much as on rotary slasher, for it is reliable, durable, and best than the rest. Provides smoother operation and does the cutting in a very versatile and professional manner, depicting a clear and tidy look.



Prominent Features

  • Of high export quality.
  • Is verified under ISO 9001 verification.
  • Exclusively is available at Tractors Nigeria.
  • Can be easily attached.
  • Crops like maize, cotton, tobacco, etc. can be easily chopped down.
  • Bulk and unnecessary weeds, shrubs, and wild field grass can be cut down by sharp blades.
  • The grass can be cut down to various heights.



Technical Features

  • For tractor compatibility, 50 HP to 75 HP is the ideal requirement.
  • 190 Kg is the maximum weight.
  • Overall weight is 175 cm.
  • Centre mounting is the mounting type.
  • Total blades are 3.


At Tractors Nigeria, we offer competent and durable farm implements and other essential agricultural machinery that is of credible importance for the Nigerian farmers, in terms of increasing the valuable crop production rate. You can find a qualitative and competent rotary slasher that will not only make your farms cleaner but will also help to maintain your road verges very well. You can find this and many other significant farm implements for sale in Nigeria, at affordable rates, only on Tractors Nigeria

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