Mechanization of Agriculture in Nigeria

Mechanization of the Agriculture Sector of Nigeria

Using economic theories, it is possible to anticipate the growth in Nigerian demand for mechanization of the agricultural sector. There has been a growth in the number of farms that employ animal traction as the agricultural system has gotten more complex. Agricultural machinery and tractor adoption in Nigeria has been sluggish, and it is possible that low demand is to blame for this. The private sector has evolved over time into a more effective provider of hiring services (particularly farmer-to-farmer ones) when there is sufficient demand for tractors in Nigeria.

Agricultural mechanization, notably the usage of tractors in Nigeria, has been relatively modest despite the decline in the percentage of Nigerians working in agriculture. These achievements have been made possible in spite of a general lack of government assistance for Nigeria’s agricultural industry during the last several decades. Oil sector development in the 1970s has at least partially contributed to agricultural transformation, which can be observed in the declining number of agricultural workers.

When it comes to Nigerian farmers, adopting tractors in Nigeria may have helped them to increase their productivity rather than pushing more people to abandon the agricultural profession altogether.. In spite of the fact that large tractors predominate, there is still a lack of understanding concerning the impact of tractor adoption on smallholders who have yet to adopt them.

Tractors Nigeria’s services for mechanization of Nigeria’s agriculture

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