Combine Harvesters for Nigeria

Kubota Combine Harvester DC-105X in Nigeria

No one can argue that the DC-105X Kubota combine harvester is among the finest in its category. With its high output and low fuel use, this machine is exceptional. The DC 105X Combine Harvester is capable of handling high loads in muddy circumstances thanks to its powerful engine (77.2 hp). It is much like the DC-70 combine harvester: a bigger and heavier version gives higher capacity and productivity than a smaller and lighter one. On the other hand, the model DC 105X’s top speed is 1.9 meters per second, much faster than the model’s maximum speed of 0.6 meters per second. Fuel-efficient models of the 105X DC combine harvester are also available, which require just 3–4 liters of fuel per rai of land (8-9 liters per acres). Refueling is expedited because of the vehicle’s large fuel tank, which holds 105 liters of gasoline. Because of its corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction, this threshing equipment can withstand the rigors of a rice field.

High-performance Kubota DC-105X machines are known for their long-term reliability. Time, soil type (such as the amount of sand, clay, or gravel) and crop qualities vary widely from nation to country (such as how difficult it is to thresh). In light of these factors, we at Tractors Nigeria are always working to enhance the quality of our products. DC-105X Kubota combine harvester may be used to harvest crops such as rice, barley, and maize. In other words, it is compact and light. Because of its agility and fuel efficiency, the DC-105X Kubota combine harvester generation can operate even in the most sparsely farmed areas of Nigeria. This machine makes use of threshing cylinders with big dia. but short lengths. There is no problem with this machine when it comes to threshing rice. No matter how bad the drainage is in a paddy field, this system will handle it with ease. Although the mud is knee-high, rice thrives.

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Specific agricultural machinery: Combine harvester in Nigeria

Combine harvesters, which minimize the number of workers needed to work in agriculture, are a notable example of labor-saving technology. Using a combine harvester in Nigeria’s rain-fed agriculture may be able to alleviate this problem. Technology has eliminated manpower shortages, allowing them to farm more land than previously possible. The combine harvester is the most cutting-edge agricultural machinery on the market today. While also making it simpler to separate the grain from stalks that keep it together, the two independent grain platforms on the machine may help limit waste. Rice panicles falling from the sky may be caught by Nigerian combine harvesters, enabling farmers to keep track of how often their crops are damaged. Using Kubota combine harvesters in Nigeria is completely risk-free because of its unmatched efficiency. In terms of agricultural performance, the available Kubota combine harvesters in Nigeria exceed all others.

The horsepower of the engine and the overall size of the harvester both have a role in determining the price of a combine harvester in Nigeria. According to the general rule of thumb, a harvest that is smaller will almost always result in lower costs than a crop that is larger. The cost of a Kubota combine harvester may vary anywhere from $32,000 to $36,000 when purchased in Nigeria. If you need to send the tractor to another nation, you will not be responsible for paying any extra customs or import duties. Combine harvesters manufactured by Kubota and offered for sale by Tractor Nigeria come in a wide range of horsepower ratings and storage capacities.

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