Kubota DC-70 Plus Combine Harvester in Nigeria

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-70 Plus
Horsepower: 69
Fuel Capacity: 85L
Min. Ground Clearance: 325mm
Cutting Width (mm): 2075
Body Weight: 3,000
Ability to Harvest: 85 or less by hooking in the fall direction

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Farmers of Nigeria have been looking for products such as combine harvesters for quite a long time, as they are aware that combines can make a big difference in their agriculture sector. The combine harvesters in Nigeria have reportedly produced phenomenal agricultural results by simultaneous threshing, winnowing, and reaping. Farmers can now earn more and empower their economy as well by maximizing their yield of crops. These innovative combines are engined hydraulically to ensure they can deduce maximum efficiency. In delivering maximum output, unbelievable reduction in time and cost by means of this single operational process. Among the farmers of Nigeria, the combines are known as the key invention for simplifying agricultural and mechanization needs. Hence we are here in your service with one of the best combine harvesters of all times, the Kubota DC-70 Plus.



Tractors Nigeria


Tractors Nigeria is well known in the agriculture community of Nigeria for our incredible services by providing tractors and combine harvesters for sale. We have worked hard for decades to build a mutual bond with our respected customers. We export majestic combine harvesters of Kubota company from Pakistan. Kubota is highly revered for the manufacturing of their incredible agricultural products and has been working for nearly 50 years. We have high-quality combine harvesters from Kubota available for sale at reasonable prices.



The impeccable build quality of the DC-70 plus


The Kubota DC-70 Plus is a combine making a notable difference by means of its empowering features. A roaring direct injection delivering 70 hp is fitted within this piece of agricultural machinery. The fuel tank can accommodate approximately 85L of fuel to be able to work for longer hours. The battery of 12V / 65 Ah is adjacent to the engine while the hydraulic speed shift system can easily cater to the changing speed needs. This combine has a power steering and its smooth brake system is essential for instant halts. The overall weight is calculated to be 3000 kg. The fuel consumption of Kubota DC-70 Plus is quite economical i.e. 7.5 Litres per hour. The credibility and the operational performance are quite remarkable as this combine can harvest up to 1 to 1.25 Acre of land per hour. It can harvest crops like wheat, rice, corns, flax, sorghum, millet, etc.



Uses of DC-70 plus


The DC-70 Plus combine harvester has plenty of uses for the farmers of Nigeria. Manual threshing, reaping, and winnowing operations require too much effort and time from a farmer’s perspective. Moreover, performing each task individually is equally costly as more farming tools and arduous labor is operational. Henceforth, when the introduction to combines such as DC-70 plus was made, the farmer class eagerly made use of them, and resultantly plenty of their time was saved, their strenuous efforts were reduced along with a substantial decrease in labor costs. Furthermore, not only were the crops harvested least damaged but also the fallen panicles were gathered along.



Concern of prices


Usually, combine harvester prices put a big load upon the poor farmers. Farmers require a beast of a combine harvester for their fields but more importantly, it needs to cost within a range they can afford. Hence we’ve introduced combine harvesters such as DC-70 plus in a very affordable range. We have the DC-70 plus combine harvester available for sale at a very decent price in Nigeria. Contact us as early as possible to get your combine harvester before we run out of stock.