Fodder Cutter

No. of Discs : 2 or 2
No. of Knifes : 6 or 6
Working Width : 1250 mm or 1650 mm
Tractor HP (PTO) :  540 rpm  or  540 rpm
Tractor HP  : Above 50 HP or  Above 50 HP
Weight  : 180 kg  or  375 kg

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The cutting of crop food that has to be fed to the domestic cattle or draft animals is merely cut through a workable and qualitative farm implement known as a fodder cutter. At our tractor dealers in Nigeria, we offer both manually driven and electric fodder cutters, which have been of incredible use for the farmers of Nigeria in terms of accurate cutting. The thereafter chopped crop obtained is mixed thoroughly to ensure proper digestion. A fodder cutter has gained immense fame among the farmers of Nigeria because of its durability, exemplary performance, and portability. We own fodder cutters at Tractor Nigeria, that are technologically advanced and with their persistent usage, the quality of livestock has improved drastically. A fodder cutter has many components, including a four-knife rotor and feeding drums, with their perfect synchrony, improved productivity and exceptional chop quality are witnessed in the fields of Nigeria.



Prominent Features

  • Export quality farm implement.
  • Is verified under ISO 9001 verification.
  • Maintenance is easy.
  • Highly productive yet user-friendly.
  • Strong and result oriented.
  • Has improved the quality of crops required for domestic cattle feeding.
  • Feed costs are lower.
  • Has a four-knife rotor



Technical Features

  • The knives number is 6.
  • 375 Kg is the maximum gross weight calculated.
  • The total number of discs is 2.
  • For tractor compatibility, 50hp of power is the minimum requirement.


Tractors Nigeria possesses an incredible inventory in the heart of Nigeria, assisting farmers of Nigeria to improvise their standard of living by improving the frequency of harvesting of cash crops. With the qualitative fodder cutter, a Nigerian farmer can easily cut sunflower, maize, sorghum, sugarcane, grass, etc. without leaving much residue behind.

For the farmers of Nigeria, the struggle of cutting to the desired length was truly real, but this struggle quickly vanished with the introduction and supply of terrific farm implements by Tractors Nigeria. We strive hard every day to provide the uneducated farmers of Nigeria with the most useful yet user-friendly agricultural implements that will help them to reach their desired limitations.

Mattering our customers’ time and money, we are always awaiting your response. Get in touch with us now and get the most updated offers on fodder cutters as well as on many other farm implements.