Rear Mounted Dozer

The blade may be offset and angled.
The cutting edge is high carbon and replaceable.
Full 360 blade trun.
The main frame is constructed of formed plate with extra reinforcing.

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A rear-mounted dozer is classified under a utility tractor attachment, having an offset and angled blade. It can perfectly cut grasses and other crops as need be. Being multipurpose and economical, this farm implement has become one of the most widely used farm implements. A rear-mounted dozer significantly maintains the nasty and untidy farms and transforms them into cleaner and neater than ever. This farm implement in Nigeria can be found at Tractors Nigeria in absolutely brand new condition and is under a good warranty period.  The blade of this farm implement can complete a 360o turn quickly as ever. For earthmoving, backfilling snow grading, etc. a rear-mounted dozer is equally implemental.



Prominent Features

  • Economical and user-friendly.
  • Steadfast and durable.
  • Multipurpose.
  • Of high export quality.
  • Is verified under ISO 9001 verification.
  • The blade is offset and angled.
  • Efficient in terms of performing replaceable cutting edges.



Technical Features

  • The width and length of the blade are 7 feet and 5 feet respectively.
  • For tractor compatibility, 50hp of power is the minimum requirement.
  • The angle can be adjusted from 0 to 360 degrees.
  • 170 Kg is the optimum weight calculated.


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