Post Hole Digger

Post Hole Digger Specification
540 RPM PTO.
Auger sizes: 9” & 18”
Depth: 90cm (36”)

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As implied by the name, this farm implement is recognized for its ability to dig holes into the depth of soil. The holes can be of different sizes, from a few inches to a foot in diameter. Its shovel-like blades form an incomplete hollow cylinder that eases the digging operations. This farm implement, being widely used, can set fences or boundaries as and when required by the farm owners of Nigeria. At our Tractors Nigeria, we offer both manual and automatic diggers at pocket-friendly rates. These diggers are credible enough to dig holes at equal intervals and of equal size, to ensure uniformity throughout the region.



Prominent Features

  • Dig holes with uniformity.
  • Economical and easy to use.
  • Maintenance is easy.
  • Of high export quality.
  • Is verified under ISO 9001 verification.
  • Attaching and detaching is quite easy.
  • The drilled parts can be pulled out with ease.
  • Alternatively can be used as a mini carne.



Technical Features

  • For tractor compatibility, 50hp is the minimum power requirement.
  • 9” & 18” are the available auger sizes.
  • Accessories include a grader white kit
  • 170 Kg is the optimum weight.
  • 90 cm (36”) is the estimated depth.


Tractors Nigeria is the most advanced and upgraded tractor dealer in Nigeria, owning all the new and modernized farming tools that have been storming the agricultural market with their incredible farming performance. Our farm implements for sale, allow the Nigerian farmers to live a prosperous life by investing in these workable instruments at exclusive prices and simultaneously reducing the burden of farming operations to a greater extent. The post hole diggers of multiple sizes form a great part of our inventory because of their undeniable and advantageous digging results.

Our farm implements are of indescribable quality standards and can reap exceptional agricultural results, evidently. Feel free to get the necessary information from us and order the most suitable farm implement to ease your farming operations.